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WOW Certified Professional Webmaster (CPW): Webmasters are practitioners of web communication. They are responsible for all aspects of an organization’s web presence, including web content development, technical operations, and business management. They may have specific areas of expertise, but are most valuable as generalists who can manage all aspects of web operations.Note! The Certified Professional Webmaster exam (CPW) is achieved either by passing the four Associate-level certifications or by passing the CPW exam directly. These certifications are meant for experienced industry professional who have been working in this field.

WOW Certified Professional Web Designer (CPWDS): Professional Web Designers are masters of the visual arts and creating look and feel that drives a successful website, that capture and keep visitors’ interest and usable designs that meet or exceed the requirements and preferences of their audience.

WOW Certified Professional Web Developer (CPWDV): Professional Web Developers are masters at optimizing web site structure and interactivity. They use database tools and custom applications to enable the site to deliver the highest quality experience to the user.

WOW Certified Professional Web Administrator (CPWA): Professional Web Administrators are masters at acquiring and configuring the hardware and software infrastructure behind successful sites. These technology professionals possess expertise in servers, routers, security, network management, and systems maintenance.

WOW Certified E-Commerce Manager (CECM): E-Commerce Managers are masters at developing and executing web marketing and e-commerce strategies and operations. They understand customer and organizational needs and define and manage the goals and needs of the site.
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WOW Certified Web Consultant (CWCSB): Small Business Certified Web Consultants are professionals in designing, building and overseeing Web sites for medium or large companies or personal businesses as the Web manager or project manager.

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