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Bits Of Simplicity

We are your webdesign company. Based in the Reno/Carson City/Tahoe area, we are here to help you face to face while solving real world problems. Here at Bits of Simplicity we strive to provide your company with the service and value it deserves.

Donna Maui – Online Consultant

I am a designer, entrepreneur, and global thinker by nature, probably a lot like you. I’m gifted with two rare talents. First, I can envision the practical outworking of a dream before pen is put to paper. Second, I am intensely curious about new technology, and construct strategic solutions using the best of current and emerging technology.

I only work with clients who are serious about succeeding online. I can’t be all things to all people. I’ve been in the online world for over 14 years. I’ve seen a huge amount of change in that time, and have learned how to navigate the ocean of mediocre or downright awful solutions out there to identify those that will propel your online vision.

I work with a select group of organizations, entrepreneurs, and businesses in the course of a year. My desire is to bring true value to each of my clients, so making sure we have a “fit” is very important to me. Contact me for a free 15 minute phone appointment, and we’ll see if we can team up for your success.

Leap of Faith Web Design

I’m a self-described content “passionista,” user advocate, and client champion.

A late bloomer, I didn’t see what all the fuss was about until high-speed cable came to town in 2000, and the Internet came alive for me. Newly addicted, I abandoned plans to become a technical writer, and promptly went back to school to become a web designer.

I began my professional career in 2004 at a web agency where I gained experience as a web graphics designer, project manager, CSS cheerleader, front-end developer, and content advocate. I wrote web content, functional specs, end-user documentation, and process documents. I preached web standards, tested fanatically, and took great pleasure in attention to detail.

In 2008, I founded Leap of Faith Web Design to specialize in website planning and content strategy. Today, Leap of Faith Web Design is committed to helping clients meet their business objectives by designing clear, concise and compelling websites that focus on content.