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We have the writing, designing, developing and strategic planning capabilities to speak in any medium on earth. And we have the creativity and ability to make your message unique and the problem solving skills to bring it to life.

Quartus Technology

Quartus Technology is a World Class mobile app development firm, located in Darien CT.We create iPhone apps, iPad apps, iPod Touch apps, Android apps, Blackberry apps, Windows Mobile Apps, Mobile Websites, Web Services, Geo Location, Geo-Tagging


At GrunewaldDev, we create applications for the iPhone OS. Whether it be for a third-party or to sell on the App Store, we work to have high quality applications that truly provide a great experience on the iPhone, iPod, and…

Leafeater Games

Leafeater Games is a Mobile Application Development company focused on the iOS platform to deliver beautiful, value added applications to our customers and users.

Moyo Studios

Moyo Studios is setting out to create the best in casual and social gaming for mobile devices. We’d love to build the next successful title with you!

PMS Microdesign

PMS Microdesign, Inc. is a full-service Mobile Design Firm specializing in fully immersive 3D video games. All mobile video games incorporate a redeemable point system with in-game branding.

Rowdy Labs

Hourly and fixed fee contractual arrangements are available to meet a wide variety of customer needs. Straight talk and forthrightedness for all customers is the norm at Rowdy Labs. Get detailed estimates you can trust and expertise you can rely…


Appetite is a mobile development firm based in York, United Kingdom. We provide applications to clients internationally for the best mobile platforms; iOS (iPhone, iPod and iPad), Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry.

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