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Momentum 18

Momentum 18 offers expert app development and app graphic design. Also specializing in extending your app branding beyond the iPhone and iPad with successful app marketing solutions.


RealWat creates custom mobile applications for the iPhone iPad, Android and BlackBerry at a very affordable price.  We are also the proud creator of the platform and the product.


Blokwise is a company capable of developing for multiple mobile devices, with a team of specialists who thoroughly knows all platforms.

Mobility Go

We design and develop quality mobile applications for forward thinking companies. We also extend your existing software products and infrastructure available as new apps for the mobile community.


Appetite is a mobile development firm based in York, United Kingdom. We provide applications to clients internationally for the best mobile platforms; iOS (iPhone, iPod and iPad), Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry.


Red SAFI thrives because of how we interact with our clients. Our team of western business leaders, former top managers from Adobe and Microsoft, work to capture the spirit of every client's vision, as opposed to expecting detailed specifications as…


We understand the challenges of an early-stage venture. We know how turn those risks into benefits. And we've got what it takes to get your product to the market faster, and on a stronger technology foundation.


Our team specializes in designing and developing award-winning mobile apps that are fast, attractive, and easy to use

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